Note: all seminars/courses with full registration includes lunch, prepared notes, refreshments and a farewell function


For Your Technical Staff

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) and Importance of the Inclusion of the Corrosion Management Plan (CMP) (2-3 days)
Corrosion Monitoring Options in Petroleum Production and Processing Units (2-3 days)
Electrochemical Corrosion Monitoring in Real-Time: How to Succeed and Turn Cost Centres into Profit Centres (2-3 days)
Corrosion Economics: Converting Management Doubt into Management Support! (2-3 days)
Pipeline Corrosion Basics (2-3 days)
Your Role in the Implementation of a Corosion Management Plan (CMP) (2-3 days)

For Senior Management

Acquiring Reserves? Has Your Due-Diligence Protocol included a Close Look at the Corroding Infrastructure Intended to Transport Your Products? (1 day)
Your Pressure Equipment…Your Liability! How Safe Is It? (1 day)
Is Your Corrosion “Expert” or Team Giving You the Straight Goods and Are They Technically Competent to Represent You? (1 day)
Why Corrosion Management Plans are Mandatory – The Key to Cooperative Coexistence Between Industry and the Public (1 day)


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