We offer the added advantage of advanced level, NACE International and/or API certified engineers, scientists, technologists, inspectors and highly skilled craftsmen, to address almost every type of corrosion, materials or pressure equipment integrity problem you are likely to encounter.

Without proper knowledge, complex problems can have simple, easy to understand wrong answers! Insist upon professional, certified, technically qualified engineering interventions for your company’s high-impact, high-consequence and high profile projects.



We offer a state-or-the-art, proprietary modeling solution enpICDATM for use in Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) for prediction of corrosion rates within oil and gas pipelines, as part of the four step Direct Assessment process:

    1. Pre-Assessment
    2. Indirect Inspection                                                                                      
    3. Detailed Examination
    4. Post Assessment

Using this mechanistic model, we can help prevent pipeline failures before they happen. Using internal flow predictive modeling and solids deposition predictive modeling, we provide a better understanding of the corrosion environment and flow-behaviour within your system.

We strictly adhere to NACE International Direct Assessment protocols to ensure you get reliable, accurate results.

enpICDA_01              Solids Prediction



Failure Analysis

Failure analyses and laboratory screening supported by advanced corrosion and metallurgical engineering and analytical chemistry methods facilitate positive, correct and effective interventions and remedial treatment practices.

SEM analysis       Dissection of failed segment     pipe



Corrosion Investigation

Metallurgical investigation, coupled with a solid understanding of inorganic- and electro-chemistry, corrosion engineering, fluid hydrodynamics and mass-transfer effects converge to provide a definitive answer to most corrosion problems encountered in petroleum and other energy production operations.

Solids sample_03  Solids sample_02  Solids sample_01



Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Competent and experienced scientific staff can consult on and assess the MIC risk in your system.

What we can do you for:

  • Advise on the best in-field or in-lab tests to provide meaningful data for your system
  • Provide professional interpretation of NACE Certified MIC assays to give useful results
  • Perform field trips to conduct MIC testing
  • MIC failure analysis