Patrick J. Teevens, CD, P.Eng.


Pat has extensive experience in internal corrosion mechanisms, causal factors, its detection, mitigation and prevention gained through more than 38 years of practical hands-on and advanced corrosion science and engineering training.  His experience covers upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum operations. Pat has extensive experience working with the petroleum natural gas industry and NACE International related to the development of pipeline safety standard practices.  His vast experience and international exposure both technically and professionally throughout his career and participation in NACE International has catapulted him into cutting edge technologies.

Pat is a recognized authority on corrosion engineering problems and more importantly, how to solve them. He is particularly well known for his groundbreaking developments of field-based remote real-time corrosion rate monitoring with electrochemical noise. Pat is also an API-510 Pressure Vessel Inspector and an Alberta, ABSA Certified In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspector and has extensive experience as a chief inspector for several major oil companies.

Pat’s experience has resulted in the development, peer recognition, acceptance and worldwide use of a proprietary in-house internal corrosion predictive model (ICPM), enpICDATM, for use in sweet or sour multiphase pipelines, in both upstream and midstream petroleum pipeline operations. Pat has worked with pipeline operators to improve their safety and integrity programs and achieved demonstrably improved safety performance thus enhancing corporate profitability. This can result in a reduced carbon-footprint through quantifiable reductions in metal loss translated into lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Pat is a Lead Instructor for NACE International courses Internal Corrosion for Pipelines  – Basic and Advanced, Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management, and Direct Assessment. He is a recipient of the NACE International, Northern Area (Canada and Alaska) 2001 Outstanding Service Award and in 1999 was a joint recipient of the UK Millennium Products Award presented by Prime Minister Tony Blair on December 14, 1999 in London, England to Integrity Solutions (now Intercorr International). Pat has also been recently awarded the 2017 NACE International Technical Achievement Award, to be presented to him at the 2017 NACE Corrosion Conference in New Orleans, USA.

  • NACE International, Certified Corrosion Specialist, P
  • NACE International, Certified Internal Corrosion Specialist
  • NACE International, Certified Cathodic Protection (CP) Specialist
  • American Petroleum Institute, Certified API510 Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association, Certified ABSA In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspector