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Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian-based and registered engineering corporation. We are an engineering consultancy specializing in the practice of corrosion and materials engineering to resolve problems resulting in the material loss of infrastructure, capital resources, environmental habitat or direct loss of life arising from corrosion-initiated accidents. Additionally, we provide professional engineering services related to the safe operation of pressure equipment including piping, pressure vessels and pressure relieving devices through the development of specifications, quality control program management and quality assurance/owner-user inspection protocols. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) consultation is also available through Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd.

Sophisticated and informed clients expect nothing less than reliable technical expertise, with a high aptitude for both corrosion engineering knowledge and hands-on experience from their consultant. There is also, and more importantly, an increasing regulatory and corporate demand for NACE International, experienced and knowledge-based, trained professionals. NACE International and API certifications and specialization designations or endorsements are now more commonly being requested from clients ranging from other engineering professionals to government regulators, liability insurers and the legal profession.

Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd. has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience associated with all integrity aspects of pressure equipment, piping and pipelines gained primarily from the petroleum industry. We provide comprehensive and field-proven engineering expertise, technical advice and complete corrosion project management of field and plant operations.

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The founder of Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd., Lt. (N), Ret., Patrick J. Teevens, CD, P.Eng., MCIC, served twenty years in the navy, having joined the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, (RCNR) in 1971. Pat has always held special, his time he served his country in the navy, and has always had fond memories of the sea and the warships in which he has served.

No other single warship has garnered more interest for Pat, than the Royal Navy frigate, HMS BROADSWORD, which gained notoriety during the 1982 Falkland Islands War, known as “Operation Corporate”. HMS BROADSWORD, FFH-88, was assigned its wartime station, to an inner defence ring to protect the aircraft carriers HMS HERMES and flagship, HMS INVINCIBLE from attack. HMS BROADSWORD and her sister ship HMS BRILLIANT, were given the task of protecting the two carriers because they were the only two ships in the British Fleet, which carried the deadly anti-missile missile, Seawolf. Seawolf was developed to hit something the size of a cricket ball approaching at twice the speed of sound, and was considered the only answer to the Exocet missile. HMS BROADSWORD was one of many ships to take its fair share of incoming, deadly Argentine Air Force Exocet missiles. Not only did the ship survive (despite being hit by bombs), it was able to ensure the operational reliability of the carriers and the safety of its own crew and the crews of other ships.

Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd. sees it’s role to be similar to it’s namesake…. to protect personnel, the public and their property from the ravages of a silent and potentially deadly enemy…… corrosion.

Mission Statement

“Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd., is committed to help clients reduce or eliminate their resource losses and environmental pollution (and hence wastage caused by corrosion) through the innovative application of advanced quality engineering and inspection services.”

To address our client’s specific needs and issues and to achieve success in combating corrosion and materials degradation we will employ and utilize economically viable, best currently available technologies. We shall maintain a high level standard-of-care by ensuring an atmosphere of continuous improvement through employee and contractor training, upgrading or honing of our skills and, most importantly, via the active participation in internationally recognized professional engineering and technical societies (which serve as a conduit to higher knowledge and learning experiences).